Property Management Services in Chennai

How safe is your property? How often do you visit and take care of it? Whether it is residential or commercial, your property needs to be managed and protected to avoid misuse or serious deterioration from natural calamities. If you are an NRI or you live far from your property or simply you are too busy to manage it, then you are at the right place! Konnect Realty is one of the top property management companies in Chennai that helps you protect your property and maintain it on your behalf!
Save your time and get away from the worry over rentals, collecting rents, handling repairs or issues, regular maintenance, responding to tenant complaints, etc. Our property managers will take care of your property giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your investment is in good hands!

Residential Property Management

Residential owners concern about how their property will be managed, how the charges will be structured, how it is valuable and how they will be befitted by giving it to contract. As one the fastest emerging property management companies in Chennai, Konnect Realty is familiar with all these concerns and we are ready to help you by offering the best rental management services for both apartment as well independent houses.
We manage and maintain several types of residential rental properties including single family house, duplex house, single flat or up to 10+ unit apartment buildings.

Commercial Property Management

Many owners manage property on their own, while for others, seeking a rental property management services in Chennai will make good sense when it comes for commercial purpose. May it be office building, shop, community halls, etc., we understand the expectations of all the corporate or business firms and offer them with effective maintenance and improvements for their commercial spaces.We place only quality tenants in your
We always ensure that your investment property will be providing the best possible returns through professional property management solutions tailored to meet your every specific need.

Why do you need to take our Property management Services?

 You will be hiring us if:
 You have lots of rental properties
 You do not live near your property
  You are not interested in hands-on management
 You do not have time
 You do not want to be an employer
 Avail our professional property management solutions

Though there are numerous apartment management companies, we offer various plans to choose from.


  • Marketing the property to our own clients (buyers/investors), through newspapers advertisements, multiple listing services & other sources.
  • Arranging inspections
  • Find suitable tenant with desired profile.
  • Facilitating finalization of lease terms.
  • Service charges –equivalent to 1 months rental value.


  • Rent Assist (if property is vacant)
  • Rent collection
  • Regular inspections of the property
  • Property maintenance(handling repairs & fixing problems)
  • Periodic updates on property
  • Pay all taxes & utilities(property tax,water tax,Electricity bills etc)
  • Service Charges on Request.