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Real Estate Services in Chennai

Konnect Realty offers a lifetime of experience in real estate services in Chennai.With over 50 years of combined industry experience, our team of real estate professionals is committed to creating an environment of financial personal freedom and equality for everyone involved in a transaction. Our agents and realtors have vast knowledge in finding or selling the properties that fits your needs. Whether it is a single house, flat, apartment or units of apartment buildings, we strive to provide professional expertise in all aspects for your ultimate real estate experience resulting in a transaction that will be remembered for a long time!
We deal with both lands and homes for rent in, rent out, buy or sell properties that cater the needs of clients with no hidden charges.

Following is an outline of what we do in property building process

  • Identifying property based on clients requirements.
  • Arranging property inspections
  • Negotiate price & terms on behalf of the buyers
  • Facilitating a purchase- guiding a buyer through the process.
  • Service charges – 1% on the purchase value.

Buy a Property

Buying a property is an exciting moment in your life!
House buying will be your long-term dream and you would have come through various choices to fit your needs. At Konnect Realty, we guide you through your entire property search and work closely with you to ensure the process is smooth and successful.
We use tailored functionalities for you to filter your search and meet your own requirements, such as the type of property, new build house or property for sale, property at auction, flats/apartments for sale, etc.

Sell a Property

Selling your home/property for the best possible price will be your goal!  At Konnect Realty, successfully selling a house is achieved by understanding the needs of every customer and by utilizing our in-depth experience in the local property market. Our real estate agents are well trained on the latest market developments who will take extensive care on delivering the best.
You also may take advantage of our valuation services to get accurate valuation of your property. Our real estate experts will listen to your needs and go through the process of research and evaluation of your property and compare it with the current sales trends to offer the best price estimation.

Find below for the Property Selling process

  • Marketing the property to our own clients(buyers/investors), through newspapers advertisements, multiple listing services & other sources.
  • Arranging property inspections to potential buyers with desired profile.
  • Negotiate price on behalf of the seller.
  • Facilitating a sale- guiding a seller through the selling process.
  • Service charges – 2% on the sale value

Below is the procedure we follow for the tenant to rent in to their preferred property

  • Identifying suitable property to match clients requirements.
  • Arranging property inspections
  • Facilitating finalization of lease terms
  • Service charges –equivalent to 1 months rental value.

Rent in to a Property (TENANT)

Looking for a rental home? We’re here to help you!
Konnect Realty offers you with comprehensive selection of properties across Chennai from individual houses, small homes/apartments, to large properties. You are a first time renter or you are searching for a new house to rent, we will guide you through the entire process to make you a tenant.

Rent Out a Property (PROPERTY OWNER)

Are you too busy to find a new renter to your house or apartment or for your commercial space? Do not worry! Konnect Realty will handle it for you! We help you find a suitable family/people to rent into your property through a safe transaction process. We customize your search for the right renters by giving your varied chooses of the type of people who are searching to relocate to the best houses for rent or lease and the one like yours!

Below is the procedure we do while renting out your property

  • Marketing the property to our own clients, through newspapers advertisements, multiple listing services & other sources.
  • Arranging inspections
  • Find suitable tenant with desired profile.
  • Facilitating finalization of lease terms.
  • Service charges –equivalent to 1 months rental value.